Coinbase Claim for Compensation

Coinbase Claim for Compensation

What Coinbase did:
They are breaking chapter 2 and chapter 3 of the user agreement, (Coinbase One) and falsely advertising, and lying to consumers about the benefits. On the 29th of September and 30th of September, I made $3,600 dollar purchase. In those two days, I made profit, with XLM. Total amount, $300. When I attempted to cash out. I was blocked. I fee i thought I had paid for with my subscription was then added. Then when only $2,000 were able to be transferred out, not, all where paid in real time. So then Chapter II and Chapter III are all lies. I was not able to. I then attempted to covert, and out of nowhere. Having 3 weeks of paying no sees. I got one over inflated fee. Which prior, and I have receipts, they never charged. The “profit,” historically has been small fee. But they do your conversion high. But this time: note, they pitch you with zero fees, it was 5-8x more of what they traditionally, charge. So I said. I am going to eat it. And but my funds in USD, and then make purchases, via the official exchange. Before, the heavy tax added on doing a conversion, I traded, via Coinbase, not pro, still Coinbase proper, which states zero free, if you pay us $29.99 a month. They never say. If you decided to trade in coinbase not simple but “advance,” you will also pay, a fee. Wait, either i am not paying fees or I am. If so you need to explain, and if a cap in trading volume be propensity, is “slipped,” in, it needs to be told. Because then I found myself, paying all these fees, I had already covered by stating, if trading low or high regardless, here’s $29.99 and this covers me. Last month I just held XLM and ETH, but this moth i sold. And got lied too. Worse is that I had a big trade, scheduled for last night: I plan everything, 64% profit. Was going to drop, the almost $4k plus another. Paid for my $4k, in real time. Now they are telling me I do not have access to my funds until Oct 6. Have bank reciepts. Where it shows, payment transaction, ask, and complete. And holding on too my capital 6 days after, shows me they do not know how to read their own surer agreement. And they are keeping my capital hostage. And also, you get a tax which you already paid for with your monthly subscription out of nowhere. Think they do this because they are going broke, and have to fix themselves, so they freeze your exit. And that is not okay. 3x times they have done this. Lost major earnings. They need to pay. And they need to comply with the letter of the law. Combat veteran, just doing the right thing.

The earnings of $8,900 dollars that should of been staked yesterday with EVMOS 64% profit plus $47 fee charge, that came out of no where. When I paid for it with Timmy subscription.

Submitted by: Anonymous Coinbase customer in Brownsville | Read more Coinbase complaints

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