Coinbase Claim for Compensation

Coinbase Claim for Compensation

What Coinbase did:
On December 2, 2021 I attempted to log on to my Pro Coinbase account. In doing so, I was taken to a bogus site pretending to be Pro Coinbase claiming that my account was locked and that I needed to call an ***-***-**** number in order to unlock my account.

Upon calling, the representative (hacker) on the phone guided me through a process to unlock my account and in doing so, stole my password and login information. They proceeded to hack my account and stole cryptocurrency worth $39,248.77 on that day. The exact coin amounts are the following: 6.92 ETH, 33.72 DOT, 1,610 LRC, 10,533 ANKR and 6.86 QNT.

Upon receiving emails from Coinbase shortly after the phone call informing me that my Pro Coinbase account had activity, I became suspicious.

I then tried to report my suspicions on their website but received nothing but canned bot responses from their so called “complaint department.” It’s a nightmare of totally useless information which wastes precious time after a hack. The FBI clearly states on their website that time is of the essence after a hack and that it must be reported immediately. This company does anything but take complaints immediately.

I then called their customer hotline and was placed on hold for over a half hour. I finally got through at 1:07pm (NY time) with an actual Coinbase representative ON A RECORDED LINE and was promptly told that “there was no activity in my Pro Coinbase account or my regular Coinbase account” and that I had nothing to worry about. Complete and utter garbage.

The truth was that the account had indeed been hacked at 12:06 pm, a full hour before that phone call. I was lied to — plain and simple.

I have since asked for full restitution of my account based on their lie and based on their negligence in securing websites claiming to be them. It is incumbent on major financial institutions to have platforms with cybersecurity capacity to thwart such hackers. Coinbase has responded only by saying that crypto transactions cannot be reversed and never addressing their representatives lie to me, even though it was recorded. They also had the audacity to claim that they did not have the money for a cybersecurity system capable of detecting bogus websites claiming to be them. This is a 16.2 billion dollar financial institution claiming that they don’t have the money.

For ten months they have not addressed my complaints asking them to review the phone conversation I had with their rep who misinformed me. Their last communication with me was that I would not be made whole and that the reason for not addressing the “lie” is not something they would reveal to me. Their indifference is disgusting.

I want full restitution of my account and their admission that they lied to a customer.

Thank you

Submitted by: Anonymous Coinbase customer in Garden City | Read more Coinbase complaints

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