DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

What DirecTV did:
I contacted Directv to let them know that I was moving in June 2022. Our equipment was disconnected on 4 July and handcarried. The representative scheduled an install for our new home on 22 July even though I told her that our household goods would not be delivered so that there would be no TV’s there. She told me I had to reschedule just prior to that date. I did that and and the earliest date they could do the install was 24 August. During this period they continued billing me as though I was still receiving service. I have numerous text messages from them on the 24th indicating the technician was on their way. When they failed to show up on 24 August, I cancelled my service and followed their instructions for returning all their equipment on 31 August which involved me driving 35 miles one way to the nearest UPS store. I was told that I would be credited for all charges after my 23 June bill, which they never did so I contacted my CC company and refuted all charges in July and August. Yesterday I received a late payment statement from them. I have not been provided any service by them since 4 July so certainly should not still owe them anything. I contacted them several times between 23 June and 24 August about why I was being billed for something they were not providing and was told that I would be credited for all those charges once the installation was completed. Each one of these calls lasted at least an hour with me being placed on hold for extended periods of time. I paid in full via auto pay for everything up until July and should owe them nothing for services never provided.

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