Expedia Claim for Compensation

Expedia Claim for Compensation

What Expedia did:
i booked a round trip flight for my parents to go to Guadalajara Mexico . the receipt stated it was paid for the amount of $355.12 . my parents were able to fly out to Guadalajara. a few days later i decide to check expedia to look up flight details and it stated my booking was canceled! I never received a notice of cancelation! the first flight was successful so i had zero belief that the other flight would be any different . I contacted Expedia, they stated that the airline canceled the flight. i reached out to the airline and the airline stated that the flight was canceled due to failure of payment. I contacted Expedia who was supposed to process this payment since i did the booking through them , and they were not helpful . all they did was confirm what i already told them . I asked to speak to a manager or a supervisor who can help me resolve this issue because i should not have to pay double the original amount I was PROMISED by expedia to get my parents back on time .

failure to notify of cancelation .
failure to attend to my issue.
failure to provide customer service- hanging up as soon as I requested to speak to a manager or supervisor

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