Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What Metro by T-Mobile did:
I ordered a phone online on 6/27/2022, it was supposed to delivered on 6/30/2022 but it was stolen upon delivery. I made a claim thru UPS and then thru metro. When UPS confirmed that they couldn’t locate the package, i was told to call metro and request a refund. I requested a refund and received an email stating that i would be receiving my refund within 7-10 business days. I waited 2weeks and called metro. I was told by metro that ups would be issuing my refund, so i called ups and they stated they were waiting for metro to return paperwork so they could process the refund. I call metro back and they stated they sent back the necessary paperwork. I went back and forth between ups and metro for a few more weeks. In September I filed a complaint against UPS with the BBB. I received and email from them stating that metro has to issue my refund. So i called metro back and they claimed they sent out another phone, never got the phone. I emailed online support and got no response, so i called metro again. They told me to email online support, i told them i did so they gave me a number to call and the number did not work. So i called metro back, and this time i talked to a supervisor. She said she would put in a ticket to have some look into my refund, never heard anything back. I sent online support numerous emails about my refund and they keep sending me the same email, stating they are looking into and will email me when the funds are refunded. It is not going on 4months. That same email they sent me two weeks ago is the exact same email they sent me today. I was also advised by one of the customer service agent that i could file a dispute and get my money back that way as well. So i filed a dispute and was given a provisional credit, well my dispute was denied and my provisional credit was reversed throwing my account into the negatives. So when i got my check, that money was taken out of my check, which shortened my check and now i don’t even have enough to pay my rent. So if i don’t get my money soon i will probably end up homeless with my child and my dog. Metro has truly screwed me over financially.

Submitted by: Anonymous Metro by T-Mobile customer in Fredericksburg | Read more Metro by T-Mobile complaints

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