Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What Metro by T-Mobile did:
this all took place in between the months of June is when I was hired July is when I bought the products and was promised everything August is when they fired me when I brought it to their attention They false advertised tablets they also said I will get a rebate of $90 for each tablet I kept on for 30 days I bought three and the tablets were supposed to be free that’s why she offered the rebate of $90 per tablet I did not receive that I also worked for them and they promised they sign on bonus of $300 that I never seen also I bought $700 worth of products phones tablets accessories to put our store number three in the nation and was supposed to gain commission off of those and I didn’t I was also supposed to be on a family plan for four lines for $100 and I was paying almost $300 a month I was also supposed to be on a dealer perks 30 days after employment and 90 days after employment I still was not on dealer perks then when I mentioned all of this they lied to me and said that I was on deliveries and I wasn’t and when I brought this attention to the company they fired me said my performance was bad but it wasn’t I was making goal I was making boxes and I was making commission off of the little items that I have sold not the items that I bought on the clock and was promised commission for I have all of this in text with the manager so all of its black and white when I mentioned it to the manager she then told me she didn’t work there no more which was a lie and put me on trespassing so I couldn’t go up there and ask for my invoice receipts because she did not give me none

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