Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What Metro by T-Mobile did:
On August 26 I purchased a t mobile 5g gateway and signed up for unlimited internet service two days later my internet service was interrupted I called ***-***-**** got the gateway reset and had internet again two days later off again this time when I called u was told I used all of my data witch was capped at 100 gigs I explained I had un limited and that there was no way I used a 100g if service in two days however they reset the gateway again this went on every two to four days untill the 18th at witch time I called to cancell my service as I choose to go back with my cable company . I boxed my gate way up because the sales person said if I had any problems to save everything from the box so I’d have every thing to return with it as this is the policy . I took it too the store I bought it the guy helping me did an address change in the computer (to an unknown address to me ) gave me the gateway back and said try it now because I had forgotten my receipt there wasn’t any thing other he could do three days later I returned with my receipt to get refund the guy called someone on the phone he said was his dm and then proceeded to dismiss my return and said I would need to see the dm and to come back I left my number and asked if he could ask the dm to call me I waited several days no call so I made my way back to the store seen the guy who sold me the gateway he called the dm and was told to get rid of me “show him the
door “. Is exactly what I heard come from the phone that my sales person identified as the dm I talked with customer service again the said they couldn’t help me because it was a store issue . Numerous phone calls lots of hold time four wasted trips to store to return gateway and the gate way purchase price . I wasted over forty hours on hold and at the store ? Based on my current pay at my current job that equates to 640 standard Lyft price one-way is $10.85that equates to 86.80 in wasted fares and $54 for a gateway. This is the real charge amounts I feel I do plus an additional amount for mental anguish for the aggravation of dealing with customer service people that are not adequate to handle simple tasks and placed me in hold most times for five to twenty minutes at a time and for respecting the store employees that were doing as the dm instructed them to do so .

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