Optimum Claim for Compensation

Optimum Claim for Compensation

What Optimum did:
I moved on August 9th and canceled my internet service. On August 13th I made a payment to them for service up until the 9th because that’s when I moved.
I received a letter from Credit Control Corporation with my old address on it saying that they are trying to collect a debt for optimum for $62.38.
I was never given a notice that I owed Optimum anything and I paid up until the day I moved out.
When I canceled my service, I was never told anything about having to pay for the full billing cycle despite not using the service because I’d cancelled and moved. When I inquired about the $62.38 I was told it didn’t matter when I cancelled that I was still responsible for the full billing cycle. Even though I was not using the service because I was not living there.
Then, I was sent to collections without being notified.

Submitted by: Anonymous Optimum customer in Greenville | Read more Optimum complaints

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