PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
On September 29, 2022 I accessed my PayPal to send $40 to a friend because it was extremely late at night and I would of had to get up and out of bed to access my cash, which I knew I had bevause the day before I received my direct deposits from Social Security which total over two thousand dollars. When sending the transfer there were no issues. It went through. Usually if there’s no money in the account you’re trying to use PayPal will inform you that your bank declined the transaction due to insufficient funds. Well, on October 6, 2022 I received an email from PayPal stating that there wasn’t enough money in my account to cover the transaction. After looking into the issue PayPal tried to take $40 from my savings account three different times. My savings isn’t linked to my PayPal so how or why they messed with that account I’m unsure of. Due to that, my bank which is Langley federal credit union charged me three NSF fees. PayPal now has my account in the negative which I’ve gotten down by playing games that pay you through PayPal but it’s never much. The negative balance as of today Oct 29, 2022 is $26.45. PayPal owes me for my banks NSF fees. Here’s my other issue with Paypal. On Oct. 5 I let them know of four unauthorized transactions. Two at Food lion and two at Sheetz. I informed them that on September 28 I realized I had lost my PayPal card. The sheets transactions were for $10 & $5. The Food lion transactions were back to back for $118.52 & $78.04. Oct 7 PalPal declined my disputes and sent me an email saying I was believed to be engaging in one or more activities that are against PayPals User Agreement. I’m thinking to myself this is how they handle their disputes? With a straight deniel and accusations and threats to close my account?! PayPal is rude, unprofessional, lazy and a thief. They owe me for four unauthorized transactions and three NSF fee charges to my banks savings that I didn’t grant them access to.

Submitted by: Anonymous PayPal customer in Hampton | Read more PayPal complaints

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