Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
I had my phone replaced due to the speakers not working (no damage from me – just faulty speaker so I couldn’t make or receive calls, play music, listen to videos or anything). I had a 256gb iPhone, so they upgraded me to another 256gb I phone. All statements, packaging, account information clearly states 256gb. As of recently, my phone is not operating correctly at all. It gets extremely hot to the touch, won’t load the Internet browser half the time, constantly gets disconnected from wifi, but still won’t load if I take it off wifi. I call into Sprint (T-mobile now), come to find out my phone is only 64gb. IMEI numbers all the same. T-Mobile refuses to give me the phone I should have originally received. They tell me I have to contact sprint. Even though sprint no longer exists. Finally find a way to contact sprint, not their problem, go through the insurance. The insurance that this was originally filed through, is no longer that company either, contact the new Insurance that took over. NOBODY IS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS. I have spent days, hours long worth of phone calls, to just keep getting the run around. Conveniently we keep getting disconnected. I have talking to at least 15 different people at this point. I’m not asking for the latest greatest phone. I don’t want to upgrade (especially because they’re sure not going to lock me into a contract for another 2 years after this nightmare). I simply want the phone that THEY should have sent me ORIGINALLY. Why should I have to sign another contract, BE FORCED TO UPGRADE MY PHONE WITH A MONTHLY PAYMENT, when this is THEIR fault. I am livid. This is not my fault. This is their careless negligence and now they refuse to make it right unless I want to PAY to have my phone upgraded. GIVE ME WHATS MINE – WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE ORIGINALLY SENT ME!!!!! I’m not paying for their mistake.

I want the phone that should have been sent to me. It is outdated, not the newest phone. I literally do not care about the latest greatest phone. I want the phone that is all over my account. iPhone 11, 256gb. Otherwise I feel they should pay any cancellation fees and any fees associated with me moving my business elsewhere. I will not be signing another contract with them. And them sending me my CORRECT phone should not be considered an upgrade with a new contract. No, I simply want them to make this right and send me what they should have to begin with.

Submitted by: Anonymous Sprint customer in Parrish | Read more Sprint complaints

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