Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
Over charged for never ending contracts and unknown charges on bill. Once contracts are complete they still have you continue to pay and have to purchase to buy phone.received unknown charges for 250.00 4 charges in July one was removed and the others were added on my bill. Sprint kept saying I had a past due which I didn’t and I have received several unfounded excuses why the charges are there to include the store I made a purchase from put the charges and sent funds to a separate unknown account. I submitted a claim and provided sprint with one month of bank statements that shows no money was issued to me and they still keep making excuses as well as cutting my phone off due to charges. I’m currently in the hospital which I have been for a whole week and the representative refused to let me speak with supervisor and kept me on the phone for over two hours while I’m receiving blood transfusion. I keep asking her to call me back once she has done the research and she kept saying just hold for a minute I spoke with two representatives on Wednesday one for over an hour the other lady called me while I was on the phone which I don’t know why because she was not a supervisor which is what I requested she was another representative and end result after over two hours while I’m in hospital pressure going up because sprint is stressing me out keep having to explain when they have all the previous notes. They told me I need to conduct my own investigation because although it’s a sprint store they are not affiliated with sprint. Makes no sense to so I spoke with the manager at the sprint store where I purchased a watch on July 14 but she had to send the information to her boss because she can’t see anything passed thirty days however according to sprint on the phone they claim that store sent money back to me so I had to submit bank statements and that’s when they said my account number is not where the funds went so I need to go back to store cause they did something wrong. Nobody from store contacted me either I talked to manager Adatra on Monday 091920 she said her boss Miguel would call me I went in hospital Tuesday 092122 and today is 092322 I still have not received a call from the store manager and I’m unable to leave hospital i have had emergency surgery and have to have another procedure today I can provide documentation from hospital to support this. Also most of my phones lease been ended they never tell you that so you keep paying on it then when I speak with someone in store who says they should be able to close that contract paid and full because I have been paying more than a year or two the still want to charge me pay off purchase amount. Only foreigners are available to speak with and most of time it’s a language barrier where you keep having to ask what is being said or what something means. They try to fast talk you then make arrangements on your account that you didn’t authorize saying they have to do it like this for now.

Submitted by: Anonymous Sprint customer in Lexington Park | Read more Sprint complaints

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