Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
I was REPEATEDLY told by phone calls to me regularly as well as in store staff that i HAD to upgrade specific devices and make sim card change to keep my services working with T-mobile. We had 4 lines with Sprint (my service started with sprint when it merged with Nextel) 2 of our lines were on stand by. One of which was a wireless hotspot. The 2 lines on stand were 3g devices. We elected, reluctantly, to upgrade one of the phones being used that was a 3g device after it began having service issues, hoping it would fix the problem. They told us the device was completely free as long as we activated it within 14 days. The device was activated (service didn’t improve) The 4th line on the account already a 5g device (supposedly an unlocked device to be used on any service, also a lie we found later). I was still being berated regularly with phone calls to change my sim card or my phone wouldn’t work; to which i repeatedly replied i will change it when it quits working. My 5g phone got stuck in a “boot loop” ID what they called it and i had to go to a store to get it reset since the battery doesn’t come out. While i was in the, (corporate store in Conroe Tx) I was badgered again too upgrade my devices or they would no longer work. I repeated my decision to keep my current devices until they quit working. He said he the devices were completely free and that i should take them along with a t mobile sim card for my 5g device so that when it happened, i wouldn’t have to wait to restore service. I asked him what the stipulations and requirements for the devices were, explained that i wasn’t sure we would be staying w sprint/ t-mobile because the service wasn’t good where we are. I also told him that we were told i can’t change devices unless i took the off of seasonal stand by (and that once removed they couldn’t be put back on stand by because that’s not a service offered any longer in a previous badgering phone call). He started that i had been misinformed and that i could switch the devices. Not knowing who to believe, i chose not to try it. He said again that i could just take the devices at no charge with no strings it requirements. Made me sign a screen that he told me was acknowledging that i had taken the devices strictly for tracking purposes. He gave me the phone and wifi device. A couple of months later, we were tired of the service issues that both my 5g phone that still had a Sprint sim card and my husband’s 5g phone that was changed to t-mobile sim card were experiencing. We ported all 4 numbers to Verizon, closing the account with t-mobile/Sprint. I called them to get a final bill. Which we paid. (Our thought we paid) We then got another bill that was well over $200. (I don’t recall the exact amount) I called Sprint customer service to find out what this bill was for,believing that we had paid the final bill. The representative told me that it was the final bill for all 4 lines. I asked if he could explain the amount. He said it was for the final month. (But that it was also not a prorated amount for the actual 3 days we had used in the cycle) I asked him for the prorated amount for the bill and that we would be willing to pay this amount only. This representative told me that I was required to pay the full amount and that once the payment processed, I would get a refund for the amount that was above the prorated amount. Not trusting the information, (and after arguing with tree man about paying money I don’t owe for service I didn’t use) I demanded a final with what I actually used and the prorated amount be sent to me and then I would be willing to pay only for what I used. I also requested it to be mailed instead of emailed. He confirmed my mailing address and said it would be sent. I never got it. A month later, I got an emailed bill for the unprorated amount. Upon reading it closely, it showed that the total was NOT in fact for a total month of all lines but for one of the free devices with restrictions or requirements upon acceptance. I called and this is where i heard for the first time, that there were in fact stipulations to accepting the “free” device. That because we closed the account after having it 2 months, we were responsible for paying the prorated amount for the device. After explaining what I had been told by the guy in the store that have it to me, i told him that i still had the device in the unopened box and that it had never been activated and that i was happy to return the device, to just send me a return label. He said to return it and get the charge removed i had to go to a store and return it there. I went to the store by me, signed in (telling them why i was there) and waited my turn to be waited on about 45 minutes. I was then told i can’t do that in their store, that i had to go to the store where i got the device. I went to the store where i got it and again told the person why i was there and what happened and what i was told. I waited nearly an hour to be told that only a manager could help me and that there wasn’t one in the store for a few days and that I would have to return then. I returned with the device on the day i was told and again signed in, confirmed that there was a manager present before wasting my time waiting, and was told that there was no manager there currently and to return later that day. (I live 40 minutes from this store) Getting tired of the run around literally, and tired of being put off because at this point i was about to be out of town for a few weeks and didn’t want the bill to go another cycle, I said I would just wait for the manager to arrive. The man disappeared into a back area and came back 10 minutes later and said an assistant manager was finishing his lunch and would be able to do the return after he had finished eating, and that the wait would be about 5 more minutes. 25 minutes later a man came from the back. We explained the situation and he initially told us that i had to call customer service for returns since it was a free device, they can’t take those back in the store. So i explained the conflicting info i got from customer service and he looked up the account. He showed us a screen that showed or account closed and explained that there was no way for him to do anything in the account in the store because the account was closed. I had to call customer service and do the return through them. I called the customer service he gave me, explained the whole thing and was told i had to call sprint customer service, because i was originally a sprint customer and that they couldn’t help me i was currently speaking to t-mobile customer service. I then called sprint and got switched back and forth multiple times between different departments multiple times, having to repeat account confirmation and the back story to each one before someone finally said they would send me a return kit. He confirmed my mailing address (that has not changed in nearly 20 years) and Todd me the kit was on the way. Meanwhile we have now gotten yet another bill for the device but no return kit in the mail. I called Sprint customer service and explained the entire situation multiple times and confirmed my account multiple times to the multiple people i was transferred to before getting someone that said they could help me. I told them that i never got the kit in the mail and that at this point their run around was going to cost me derogatory marks on my credit and i had to get this handled urgently. I inherited about a shipping label to be emailed to avoid delay but was denied. He confirmed my address once more and stated that the return kit was being sent out again. After getting yet another bill and no return kit, i called sprint customer service again. After confirming my account and giving the entire back story AGAIN, I explained that the current method of shipping a return kit to me was not working out and at this point, i am also requesting something be done on their part to remove the derogatory marks on my credit. He stated that the 2 previous return it’s had not actually been sent, that there was no other way to return device but to use the return kit and that he assured me that he has sent one out. And for the masses on my credit, once the device was returned, they would report to my credit that the account was paid in full. I asked about removing the current derogatory marks for late payment and he stated that there was nothing he could do but to report the bill paid once the item was returned. I requested to speak with a supervisor. He put me on hold, returning multiple times to tell me that supervisors were all busy and to see if i would rather hang up and have an account manager call me when they are free. Worried that nobody would actually call me back, I said no, that i would prefer to hold. After 48 minutes of holding, he said i was next in the queue and that he would transfer the call to the supervisor. I then got transferred to what i thought was a different department of Sprint. They asked for 1 of 2 numbers that i had not heard of. Then when i didn’t know what they were, they asked for my phone number or social security number. I gave my phone number and she pulled up an account. She asked if i was calling to make a payment to the account. I explained that i was being transferred for an issue getting this return done and for assistance in getting my derogatory marks removed. She then said first i must tell you that information collected is being used to collect a debt and i stopped her. I said ma’am, I’m not talking to you about collecting this sent, i trying to get this device returned and my credit marks removed. She then explains that i am not actually speaking to a sprint manager, that she works for a collection agency and that the account was turned over to them 2 days ago. She asked me if she could transfer me back to sprint customer service because she was only able to collect on the debt from the account. So i let her transfer me but it was not the same number i had called previously. So i called customer service again. I told the representative that i did not care to go over the entire story with him and then again too the supervisor, to please just transfer me too a supervisor. He made me confirm my account yet again and then i can only guess read notes on the account. I gave a truncated version and requested again for a supervisor. He explained why i was getting the bill, why i needed to pay the bill and that he was sorry i was misinformed, (they’re all always repeatedly sorry the last person misinformed me) i would have to pay the bill. Even if i spoke to a supervisor, they would tell me the same thing. And now, not only would they tell me the same thing, but they device couldn’t be returned because i had it more than 14 days and according to my account, had paid for 2 months of the device that he just confirmed that was part of a free promotion. He repeated the conditions of the free device that i was told initially didn’t exist and that because the account was sent to collections it was out of their hands COMPLETELY. Those 2 conversations took over 2 hours including hold times. Now there are derogatory marks on what was a perfect credit report, I’m stuck with multiple devices i can’t use and apparently they’ve given me the run around long enough to make the situation untouchable because they have turned it over to a collection company. I want a full credit for the device I was told would be free with no strings or conditions and I want Sprint to write a letter to either me (to be forwarded to the credit collector and credit reporting companies) or directly to the collection agency and credit reporting companies. I still have the wifi device in the unopened box, that I am still happy to return, at their cost if necessary.

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