Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
Been a customer of sprint for more then 20 yrs. In July of
2019 I purchased a Samsung note 10+ through sprint. My contract for my phone and cell phone services was up. I had paid off the previous note 8 phone in full. I was paying month to month until I saw a new phone I wanted to renew my contract with. I preorder the Samsung Note 10+ ahead of time. Agreed to a 24 month payment installments to be paid off (not to lease but to own) One of the recommendations was that I had to pay the taxes on the total amount the phone cost in order to get in the 24 month payment program. After the merge from sprint to T-mobile I was enrolled into a flex/forever lease program without my consent, after the phone was already fully paid off.
I paid an extra $650.00 -$750.00 on a phone I already purchased ($45 extra a month x14 months)
Sprint was charging me leasing fee of 45.00 for a phone that I already paid off.
The $650 over charge financially hurt me from getting a upgraded phone that I need. T-Mobile wants me to dish out another $200 to own my samsung note 10+ but will only give me $400 credits for my Samsung Note10+ towards a new phone.
T-mobile/Sprint secretly over charged me for a phone that’s not worth the price and they know it.
Samsung note 10+ retail new :1300.00
sprint is charging me $900.00 over $1300.00, for the same phone in order to get a new phone.
Please help

I want to be refunded for being put in a Flex lease agreement in which I didn’t sign up for

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