Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
Sprint overcharged me for a phone lease. The salesperson misrepresented the true terms of the lease. It was a perpetual lease, but I was no told this. I was told that it was a normal fixed payment lease. When I discovered the overcharges, more than $300 I asked Sprint to refund them to me. Initially, they agreed that I had been overcharged. Later, they refused to refund me the $300, so I cancelled my service and transferred the account. Sprint refused to unlock one of the phones, even though it was paid in full. Now, Sprint has a collection agency calling me and sending me letters. I have explained that I do not owe Sprint money, but the collection agency refuses to stop harassing me. I need this phone released so that I can use it for business. A replacement phone will cost me an additional $1000.

Sprint needs to unlock a phone so that I can use it.

Submitted by: Anonymous Sprint customer in Scottsdale | Read more Sprint complaints

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