Venmo Claim for Compensation

Venmo Claim for Compensation

What Venmo did:
I have blatant evidence Venmo has committed fraud. As well as illegal collection practices. There’s a CFPB report, ignoring all evidence. Changing financial documents in an attempt to cover up the incident. Multiple ETFA violations. Venmo, Xoom, under PayPal, also has an expired Chapter 217 license in my state. As of 2020. And aren’t able to maintain any “account balance” according to that license either way. “Casher Of Checks”. Wisconsin. There are a litany of statutes within this state they are in violation of. I was awarded funds, and they paid themselves the funds I was rewarded, and I have a shameful amount of evidence in regards to the entirety of the matter, down to their attempt to make it seem as though the party who disputed the payment and I never had a transaction. Failing to do so on 2 others. As I said, the evidence speaks clearly for itself, one only has to look at it. The total defaulted amount, as of this point, is over 1,000, not withstanding statutes in my state regarding what Venmo has done, clearly stating possible financial actions without judiciary order. As they also violated ETFA guidelines regarding dispute settlement, and even the collection of debts.

I wish to explain he amount. 500 for the initial collection that they attempted to cover. 500 for what was blatantly listed as rewarded to me, via email. There’s 2 more emails informing of an additional 100 a piece. I assume it to be due to automated emails, but they sent 2 more after paying themselves the 500 I was rewarded, and informed me by phone it would have been done regardless of my being aware. I cannot compute the state’s listed compensations, nor the financial loss suffered.

Submitted by: Anonymous Venmo customer in Beaver Dam | Read more Venmo complaints

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