Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
I recently found a collection on my credit report a few days ago that it was reported on September 30, 2022. I never once received a 30-day notice that this account would be going into collection, and I know by law that it is required that I be notified so I have a chance to pay the amount owed before it’s put in collection by the Fair Credit Act. I am not paying the balance owed for this account as this balance is incorrect by far. I was a customer for 6 months if not longer and I also traded in 2 iPhone’s which were an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 11 pro max which were in like new condition. When I was dealing with the store salesperson, I was told that there was a promotion going on and we would get $750 for each phone and that would be credited toward each bill which I understand and that was being done. Then I was told all these promises to come back to you guys for service which I had already left once due to crappy service and pricing, so I tried again. With all the understanding of the store salesperson we would get a discount< credit on our bill for the trade in’s etc. Which we never got a discount through my work since we were under a promotion which was the first lie. Now we break it down to how we got here. I got a bill for over $2000 which is absurd especially after I traded in 2 phones. So, I guess you guys screw your customers with this promotion, you get their phones and if they leave you charge them full price for the phones, so you guys are making a killing ripping people off. I was paying toward the bill $50 a month until I could get some help resolving this and now it’s on my credit report as a collection and I was never asked about a solution. I don’t mind paying what I owe if it’s correct, but I will not pay the remaining balance of $2093.00 as you guys got 2 phones to go towards it. That’s not even close to happening.This is my second attempt reaching out about this issue and all I’m asking is to be treated fair and I will pay what I owe. But when you put this collection especially when I was paying toward it and no warning per mandated law then this really made me upset. I’m asking that this be removed asap from all 3 credit bureaus, and we get this worked out to what I should owe fairly. I was never told that I would have to pay full price for the phones if I left and that’s what looks like has happened especially with trading phones in. I really think this should be no charge since i was never told this would go to collections and it's ruined my credit and caused issues. i had also been paying toward the bill until i got some resolution and hear back from verizon. I wrote them for a dispute and next thing i know its in collections.

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