Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

What Wells Fargo did:
My Dad Albert ***** daughter Porscha ***** with his first wife, filed a fraudulent complaint with Wells Fargo claiming my Mom stole money from her account. She is a liar my Dad lived with my Mom and Zelled her money from his account and his daughter waits until he dies to file this fraudulent claim with the bank. My father as in his right mind and Zelled my Mom in the month of June, July, and August. My Mom had Medical Power of Attorney over my Dad’s healthcare so why in the @#$%&! would it be an issue for him to Zell’s her when he put his life in her hands. We want the $3,200 refunded immediately. The fraud department has treated my Mom like @#$%&! and their customer service is awful. I closed my account after 15 years and my Mom has been a member with Wells Fargo for over 23 years and we are done with Wells Fargo and I will be taking legal action against them. Zelle is like giving someone cash how do you reverse a Zelle transaction, I am telling everyone I know what they did to my71 year old Mother who is living on an fixed income. Wells Fargo sucks

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