Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

What Wells Fargo did:
I opened a credit card secure account to build my black owned business credit where I invested $700. My card was stolen, and I informed Wells Fargo of this, they did nothing to solve the problem and they didn’t send any letter that says they will review the unauthorized transaction, instead they closed the account and want me pay for the whole balance with interest . Unfairly they closed my account and put that I owe $533.63 on July 8, 2022, and in August they put that I owe 582.85 and now in September they have $621.85.According to Wells Fargo website , their credit card come with a zero liability protection as long as they’re reported promptly which i did I have reported the card was stolen.They sent to me a new card where I can’t activate it and they closed the account ending ******** and leave it with the unauthorized balance .I am making this complaint for Wells Fargo to give to me an explanation about that and get this fixed real quick.Anytime I am trying to call them they transfert my call and after they say the business lending team is closed , I have sent a letter they said I have to call , I keep calling and they keep transferring my calls with no answers.I feel so devastated about this Wells Fargo behavior and I want them explanation.

Submitted by: Anonymous Wells Fargo customer in Hampton | Read more Wells Fargo complaints

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