Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

What Wells Fargo did:
Wells Fargo, like every company, claims zero fraud liability with their Visa credit cards and bank cards. Yet, someone gets access to my bank visa card and makes ATM withdrawals from different states, thousands of miles from where I live. Since Covid 19, and the requirements to travel, I have not been to or know anyone where the ATM withdrawals happen. As a matter of fact, the addresses are fake. One transaction showed my account getting $180.00 ATM withdrawal in Connecticut, 13 minutes before I used the same visa debit card right near my house where I live. Wells Fargo said I made the transactions, yet the two transactions were done 13 minutes apart, and over 1298 miles from where I live and was using that visa bank card at almost the same time.
I am disabled and on a fixed income with no means to replace funds that get stolen. I barely have enough to income to survive on and pay my bills. When fraudulent charges are made and funds stolen from my accounts through visa bank cards, I get behind in bills and have no means to correct it. These fraudulent transactions have happened over the past two years. Wells Fargo replaces my debit card, yet it still happens and I still get blamed for the transactions.

Submitted by: Anonymous Wells Fargo customer in Minneapolis | Read more Wells Fargo complaints

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