Equifax Complaint

Equifax Complaint

What Equifax did:
Equifax has violated many consumer rights. Under Title 15 USC 1681 604(a)(2) a consumer reporting agency CANNOT furnish any account without my consent. Equifax continues to defy my demands and report inaccurate accounts.
Equifax has failed to provide me with their investigation process. Has failed to provide me with any documents and proof of validation.
Equifax has also abused my privacy rights. Under Title 15 USC 1681 602(a) it states I have a right to privacy and Equifax continues to engage in abusing my rights.
They have also engaged in defamation of my character.
I have made several attempts to dispute fraudulent items and have also made countless CFPB complaints.
Complaint IDs: 220804-9171167; 220902-9335407; 220923-9450328
These 3 complaints have been ignored.
Equifax continues to list accounts in my credit report such as
CASHCALL opened on 4/23/2018 for the amount of $2600. Account #********
Equifax is in violation of FCRA section 611 part (A)(1)
Equifax also keeps reporting an account from Victoria secret opened 6/4/2017 with a balance of $514. I even received a letter from Victoria secret back in September 28 of 2022 that the account would be removed. I sent the letter to equifax and they investigated the account and determined the account was still valid. Which leads me to believe that equifax DOES NOT conduct a thorough and proper investigation. Even with proof from Victoria secret and I also have a phone call recording with comenity bank/Victoria secret that they sent a request to equifax to have it removed and equifax continues to defraud me and defame my character.
Equifax also continues to fraudulently report a MOHELA account opened on 9/16/2011. With account number #********. Equifax never had my oral or written consent to report this account.

Equifax also continues to fraudulently report a Bank of America account opened 11/28/2016. Account #********. With an amount of $219.
Equifax also continues to fraudulently report a webbank/fingerhut account opened on 3/22/2017. With account number #636992XXXXXXXXXX with a balance of $1505. Equifax never had my oral or written consent to report this account.
I never gave equifax any written instructions to furnish any of these accounts which is a violation of Title 15 USC 1681b and Equifax has caused me severe anxiety, and stress due to their abusive and unfair practices.
The standard for unfairness in the Dodd – Frank act is that an act or practice is unfair when:
(1) it causes, or is likely to cause substantial injury to consumers
And Equifax has caused me emotional and financial injury.
According to 15 USC 1681(a)(2), an elaborate mechanism must be developed for investigating and evaluating the credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, and general reputation of consumers.
Equifax falsely reported information that resulted in defamation of my character. Further, equifax created a deceptive form that made the creditors and employers believe that I was in debt, though you could not prove its validity.
If the debts were valid, Equifax created a false impression that I was not able to pay the alleged debts.
As a result, I was discriminated against and denied my right to extend credit. I also suffered emotional as well as financial hardship. Therefore, the Equifax Company is liable according to 15 USC 1681o.
I hereby put Equifax on notice and would like to inform Equifax that I never gave consent to this report being furnished by equifax on my behalf and I am also aware of the fact that equifax assumed a vital role. As a result, my livelihood has been adversely affected.
There is no such law that states anything that needs to be reported to a consumer reporting agency. Therefore, Equifax is liable.
Further, pursuant to 15 USC 1681(a)(4), a consumer reporting agency must exercise their grave responsibilities with fairness, impartiality, and a respect for the consumer’s right to privacy.
Equifax neither exercised its responsibilities with fairness and impartiality nor protected my right to privacy.
I request Equifax  to give me a piece of evidence that the information which is being reported has been properly investigated. Also, provide us with/the details of the system adopted by the Equifax organization to determine whether the transaction took place or not.
Further pursuant to 15 USC 1681 (a) (b) the Equifax organization did not adopt such procedures that meet the need of commerce for consumer credit.

Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Equifax complaints

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