Chime Complaint

Chime Complaint

What Chime did:
January 25,2023 my chime checking account was debited for $917.40 for a transaction I did not authorize, upon filing a claim chime cancelled my debit card and gave me a provisional credit of $917.40 the following day after filing. February 14,2023 I check my account online and realize that my account is at a negative and realize the same merchant that charged the $917.40 has charged my account again in the same amount. I call chime right away and ask for the dispute department, the customer service agent tells me my dispute was approved and the money should have been credited back to my account instead of charging the account again! I was told that they would have to escalate the situation and contact the investigations team via email so they can resolve the problem. When asked for a time frame I was told 24-48 hrs and was told I would be receiving an email from the investigations department. Today is Sunday February 19,2023 and nothing has been resolved I have not received an email a call or anything from chime. I get paid weekly with my direct deposits every Tuesday! I was paid Tuesday February 14,2023 and my entire check went to repay a over draft balance I do not owe and since the over drafted amount is greater my account is still at a negative and every time I call even when asked to speak to a supervisor they all tell me the claim has to be escalated but there is nothing I can do besides wait. It’s been a week of not being able to access my money as my account should be in positive standing with my direct deposits and it’s not. My birthday is today and I’ve had to cancel everything due to not having access to my money. I’ve asked if we can dispute the new $917.40 transaction charged Tuesday February 14,2023 and I’ve been told No because it’s non disputable as it’s showing as a reversal transaction even tho it’s withdrawing the money again not reversing it to the account. I was told it was a mistake on the banks behalf.

February 15,2023 I received an email from chime about my dispute. It stated my dispute was approved and that the bank has decided it was an unauthorized transaction. The dispute was closed and approved way long before I received the email with the final conclusion.

Chimes customer service is horrible, nobody gives me a response or could tell me when the problem will be resolved and I’m afraid my check will deposit Tuesday and it will go to the remaining balance of over draft. I’ve been contacting chime everyday and Nobody can help. I’ve had at least 5 agents tell me they have escalated the problem and that I should be receiving an email soon. It’s now been way over the 24-48 hrs since the first escalation and I have not received not even an email regarding the first initial escalation. I’ve been told the investigations team only works via email and when asked about corporate contact I get denied any information. I will be closing this checking account after my issue is resolved if it even gets resolved.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Colorado | Read more Chime complaints

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