DirecTV Complaint

DirecTV Complaint

What DirecTV did:
In December 2020 I signed up for AT&T home internet. The salesperson offered to link DirecTV service in order to reduce my bill. I made it clear I don’t have a TV and don’t need the service, but he said it’ll still reduce my bill even if I don’t use it, so I agreed. The service agreement I was sent didn’t detail billing amounts or anything alarming. When logged into my DirecTV online account, it reflected no bills or charges.

In January 2023 I learned that I’ve been charged for DirecTV service all along, separately from my AT&T home internet service, totaling around $3,529. I’ve tried pursuing a refund internally with AT&T/DirecTV, but after reaching as high as I could at the company the most they’ve offered is $500.

There are many more details to share, but I would like to have this situation evaluated for whether it’s a reasonable claim and whether it’s worth pursuing against such a large company.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Washington | Read more DirecTV complaints

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