Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

What Sprint did:
I have been SPRINT small business customer since somewhere between 2016 and 2017. Currently there are only two devices on my business account, those being two IPHONES. The bill for SPRINT should not total more than $85.00 a month MAX.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is currently on my sprint account I bought and paid for IN FULL at a local Apple Storefront. I bought this device outright, it was not bought, leased, financed etc. from Sprint. However, Sprint is claiming that they own the device and have me on a “Month- to Month Lease” payment. This is the same situation for the other iPhone on my account, which is an iPhone 12 pro. All previous devices, accessories, watches, plans etc. Have already been paid off on my account months/years ago. However, for over a year now SPRINT has unlawfully been charging my account an excessive amount of money MONTHLY. These two active iphone’s that I OWN should only be costing my business around $85 a month. SPRINT has been charging my account anywhere from $300-$600.00 A MONTH.

For months I have been battling with SPRINT, SPRINT COSTUMER SERVICE and T-MOBILE to get my account fixed. I am a small business owner and just like any other small business I need my cell phones in order to operate my day-to-day functions. After months of numerous phone calls, trips to the T-Mobile store, online chatting etc. Sprint has now decided to just start turning off my business cell phone services when they do not receive a payment of $250.00 or more for the invalid, false total monthly balances, they are claiming due. SPRINT has caused me, my business, my employees financial damage, and emotional stress beyond belief. Their practices are unfair and need to be exposed.

The Sprint website and iPhone APP claim my devices are on the T-Mobile network. However, the numerous times I have been into a T-Mobile store seeking help for my disaster account, I’ve been told that I am still on the Sprint Network and that they could not assist me with my account at all. Being there are no Sprint Storefront’s anymore following the “Merger” my only option is to online chat or speak to someone over the phone. Both attempts have been unsuccessful. SPRINT will not unlock/release MY FULLY PAID OFF devices to me. They won’t let me cancel my account, keep my BUSINESS phone number, or give me any option to discuss my issues. Very sad.

Submitted by: Anonymous in New York | Read more Sprint complaints

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