Chime Complaint

Chime Complaint

What Chime did:
Cierra *****
10:40 AM (29 minutes ago)
to tips

Hello, I have been a victim of someone hacking into my bank account. Over 11K!!!!!!!!! $11,000 CHIME BANK …The hacker have transferred all my money to my checking and completely wiped my bank account clean. I have informed chime of my 231 disputes from this thief stealing over $11,000 they have shared it could take up to 90 days to review if I’m even eligible for a refund I’m highly disappointed that they allow someone to swipe my card over 200 times at one merchant without informing me of any suspicious activity activity this is completely unacceptable. Completely unfair and mostly life-changing $11,000 is gone I cannot eat I cannot sleep because of this ongoing stress. I want to bring this awareness to the world and simply let others know how chime is handling rhis activity with their clients I have been with them for several years. I would never think my funds would not be secure with that. Please help me in anyway you can . I have also filed a police and fbi report.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Maryland | Read more Chime complaints

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