Equifax Complaint

Equifax Complaint

What Equifax did:
Equifax has knowingly and willingly continued to report information to my consumer report after I sent in several documents proving that accounts on my report are not mine, they have failed to do an investigation on anything I send in. I am a victim of identity theft and it is documented and reported as such Equifax has and is currently violating my consumer rights pursuant

15 USC 1681 s-2-Responsibilities of furnishers of information to consumer reporting agencies
15 USC 1681 section 602 A-states I have the right to privacy
15 USC 1681a Section 2-Definitions; rules of construction/Exclusions
15 USC 1681b-Permissible purposes of consumer reports
15 USC 1611-Criminal liability for a willful and knowing violation
15 USC 6802-Obligations with respect to disclosures of personal information
15 USC 6801-Protection of nonpublic information
18 USC 1028-Identity Theft

Submitted by: Anonymous in Mississippi | Read more Equifax complaints

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