Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

What Metro by T-Mobile did:
Metro by T-Mobile

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Metro PCS on refused to honor their refund policy on my purchase from 1/27/23. I went to return the phone the day after purchase, and they made low offers that did not match the receipt and policy. I gave the phone to the store attendant on 2/1/23 and started a card dispute. The store refused to process a return receipt since they did not honor the refund. They also forced me to stop videographing the process, although I was able to get a geo-tagged photo of the drop-off. The attendant checked the phone to factory reset it and stored it away. Now they are saying they never received the phone. Metro Corporate needs to investigate security footage for the return date before the store deletes it. As a student with limited finances, this situation has caused me severe emotional distress over the last few months. I paid $249.95, and they kept the phone – they are deceitful and manipulative thieves.

Full background and details – Metro Dispute
This store is a scam. Moto’s website had a deal for the phone at $189 – fully unlocked. I was walking by MetroPCS and saw a similar “sale” for the phone. So, I went in to get an unlocked device without line attachments. But they tricked me into paying $249.95 for a locked phone.

I purchased this Moto phone for $249.95 from Metro PCS on Friday, 1/27/23. They said it was a great phone, but it was not. The camera and processing were not up to par with what I needed. Their corporate refund policy states they provide full refunds within seven days of purchase.

So, I went to the store within 24 hours to return the phone on Saturday, 1/28/23. The rep who had sold me the phone said she would only give me $100 back from the original $249.95. Then she said she would call her manager and made me wait an hour. I was not permitted to speak with the manager. The rep then said I could get only $144 back.

I called the Metro PCS customer service line the next day (1/29). They confirmed that I should be receiving a full refund. They also transferred me to a corporate store that also confirmed the same. However, they said I could only return the phone at the store of purchase. A rep at a corporate store told me that franchise stores are known to do that and encouraged me to talk to my financial provider. So I called Discover on the same day to inform them about the situation.

So I returned to the original store on 2/1/23 and informed them that I would file a dispute if they did not honor their full refund policy. I spoke with the manager, and they did not comply. So, I gave them the phone (in perfect condition) and its accessories in the box and filed a dispute. The rep did not allow me to take videos of my interaction. I was able to take a picture of the return as proof which is geo-tagged by Apple.

They keep making up reasons that dishonor the refund. They said I paid for a line activation, sim, and monthly plan – which I was never informed of and would not have accepted. My receipt (attached) states $249.95 for the device. The receipt does not mention or disclose anything else.

The attendant took the phone while refusing to provide a return receipt and denied my attempts to videograph the process. They did not process a return receipt because they did not honor their refund policy. Discover investigated the dispute for over three months, and Metro kept slipping by them. They say I need to work it out with the store because they cannot dispute it since Metro refused to process a return receipt. The attendant at the desk received the phone, checked it for factory reset, and stored it away. Corporate needs to investigate security footage before the manipulative store personnel can delete it. They kept my $249.95 and the phone. They have also inflicted severe emotional distress over the last three months. This deceptive and predatory store is preying on New York City consumers. For our protection, it must face the law.

Submitted by: Anonymous in New York | Read more Metro by T-Mobile complaints

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