Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
I recently filed a complaint with the consumer protection bureau about fees assessed in my Bank of America account.

Also I had filed a claim about merchandise not received with Bank of America from a purchase I had made with PayPal. Inhad disputed an additional fee charge of 30$ and 60$ dollars that were charged a day after inhad already made payment to the merchant they had claimed it was an international transaction. When I had told them this fee was invalid as any international fees are charged up front they had told me I need to dispute it with PayPal yet PayPal told me it was a valid fee from Bank of America.

After I had won my dispute with the cfpb, and the bank had awarded the fees back into my account, the bank had said they were closing my account, when I had asked for a reason they gave me none. Later when I had inquired they said under there agreement they could terminate.

I felt this was retaliatory of the bank. Also I know having a closed bank account will summarily affect my credit.

With this I’m forced to act on this sooner rather then later.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Oklahoma | Read more Bank of America complaints

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