PayPal Complaint

PayPal Complaint

What PayPal did:
online purchase via PayPal (no indicator of Chinese seller); Transaction info: ECHI Technology Co, LTD: open PayPal claim: PayPal contact info in Chinese characters, not same as seller info.

Chinese sellers are concealing their Chinese identity through PayPal. When refund is requested, Chinese seller offers 1-2% refund (i.e., total paid $80; offer $12) and coerce you to accept offer or pay for return to address in CHINA ($47).

1. PayPal should provide upfront disclosure to buyer when any of the seller’s info and/or return address is in Chinese/China BEFORE ACCEPTING and PROCESSING payment.
2. PayPal should provide transaction blocking to China/foreign companies
3. PayPal should provide refund/balance of refund to buyer when China company won’t provide full refund.
4. PayPal should be held accountable for China seller scam/fraud being committed on unknowing buyer.
5. PayPal should protect buyer in every way possible from China online scams.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Texas | Read more PayPal complaints

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