DoorDash Complaint

DoorDash Complaint

What DoorDash did:
DoorDash allowed my account to be hacked a second time, then told me I already got a “courtesy payment. The following is an email I sent to DoorDash. Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you
My “courtesy” payment, and I’m sure you can “investigate” this, was rolled into this week’s pay. Then that pay was stolen when the scammers scammed one of Door Dash’s support staff into changing my email and phone number on Monday. Then, my “courtesy” pay and current weeks pay was sent to the people by whom Door Dash’s support staff member was scammed. This second breach was 100% the fault of DoorDash.

This is what happened. First, I was scammed into giving my personal information to whom I thought was DoorDash Support. My fault. Second, my money was stolen. Third, DoorDash was aware after the theft that my information had been compromised. Fourth, DoorDash Support only told me to change my password. That falsely led me to believe that once I did, my account would be secure. However, because the criminals still had my personal information, changing my password was inadequate. Something DoorDash most certainly should have known. The following Monday, when I found out my account phone number and email had been changed, I called DoorDash Support several times to let them know that I was not the one who changed it. As far as I know, they did nothing about it. Nothing.

The following is what should have happened. First, DoorDash should have sent urgent emails and messaged all Dashers, letting us know the details of this current scam, since I understand I am one of many who were targeted. (This still hasn’t been done.). Second, the first time my account was compromised, DoorDash should have added another layer of security to my account, such as security questions. Third, DoorDash should have told me to change my password AND my email after the first breach. Fourth, DoorDash should have flagged my file and everyone else’s files to whom this happened. The files should have stated that the account was compromised and not to allow any changes to contact information or bank account details until DoorDash checked with the Dasher through the current email and phone number. If DoorDash had done this, my money would not have been stolen a second time.

DoorDash did not do any of these things. I understand DoorDash gets compromised through scams targeted at Dashers regularly. Therefore, DoorDash should have procedures in place to prevent a second breach. They do not. As a matter of fact, in this very email to which I am currently responding, DoorDash support tells me to “change my password.” That is not enough to protect my account. DoorDash must know that. It is clear that the DoorDash Support staff are not given all the information they need to help Dashers when something like this happens. I am sorry that I vented my frustration on the Support Staff, as this is clearly the fault of whomever makes the security policies.

I hope in the future DoorDash works to improve its communication with Dashers about current scams, checks with Dashers via current email and phone numbers, before changing important information on accounts, adds another layer security should a breach occur on an account, and tells the compromised Dashers to change their password AND email and switch to Dasher Direct.

Now that I have clearly established that DoorDash is 100% at fault for losing my money the second time, I would appreciate it if I could be paid the $1542.46 that I earned and that DoorDash owes me, post haste.
I would much rather simply be paid what is owed me, than be forced to seek legal counsel.

Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more DoorDash complaints

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