PayPal Complaint

PayPal Complaint

What PayPal did:
On September 9, Paypal suddenly taken entire funds from our account. Totalling US$25.393,08 (Transaction ID #9RG850392L0243939 – Screenshot 1)

Previously we were selling digital items on paypal. Until on Feb 22 they stated we “can no longger do business on their platform “(Ref ID PP-L-384305325841 – Screenshot 2), or in other words being permanently limited, in which they also stated remaining balance will be hold “for the moment” and will be available for withdrawal “after 180 days” (Screenshot 3)

Waited quite some time, we finally received notification email from them on June 25 saying the funds status are now “eligible for withdrawal” (Screenshot 4), in which we tried to withdraw but always failed. We keep getting “there’s a problem with your account” error

Knowing that we have been “eligible” but still unable to withdraw, we tried contacting paypal through their support chat in which they replied will escalate the situation (if we remember correctly – as the message sent and received there get cleared soon enough), yet after more waiting and several times trying, we still unable to access the funds

Then, on Aug 16, all of sudden we got ANOTHER EXACT SAME email saying that we “can no longer do business on paypal” (Screenshot 5), which is weird as we’ve received got this same message before. How could account that have been closed, got closed again? No way we have to wait another 180 days. Sending to support ticket, few days later on Aug 20 got email saying the funds are now “eligible for withdrawal” (Screenshot 6), yet again and again, still unable to perform the actual withdrawal

Our peak disappointment happen during that September 9 when they decided to just flush away our funds like that. We’ve tried to do the right thing by refunded all those who disputed the transaction, and yet paypal still took our $25,000 under nonsense “UAP damage”, which we think unfair. If, we indeed did damage to paypal other than what has been refunded, the fair resolution would be taking that equal sums (then showed us refunded to which customers so we can address to them personally), and not ENTIRE ONE!

We demand paypal to do the right thing. Otherwise we’ll take every measures to make sure this situation be addressed seriously. No one could took $25K and think they can just get away with it. No laws can justify business could took taking money arbitrarily (random amount) from people’s wallet

Submitted by: Anonymous in Missouri | Read more PayPal complaints

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