T-Mobile Complaint

T-Mobile Complaint

What T-Mobile did:
I was oversold on my initial signup to T-Mobile through their online website. The initial product and equipment was to cost about $100 TOTAL per month after paying an initial $126.00 in initial taxes.

When my first bill came, it was $175. I tried multiple times to talk to the “Manager” that assured the initial monthly bill would be about $100 a process that took several hours. At one point, the customer care representative even mocked that the person who I noted had helped me “didn’t exist”.

I saved my initial chat conversation through the T-mobile website as well as recorded voice conversations with T-Mobile with the last one assuring me again, that it looked like my issue with billing was resolved, and so I paid $100 in good faith -the amount I was promised my bill would be on the spot.

Today, two days later, I received a text from T-mobile threatening to disconnect my phones and add on a reconnection fee if I did not pay my due balance.

In my case, T-mobile promised in writing and in phone conversations one contract price for my service and then has refused to honor those promises. While I do count my blessing this year, something I am NOT thankful for this Thanksgiving: The deceitful practices of T-Mobile -a BILLION dollar company.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Kentucky | Read more T-Mobile complaints

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