Moneylion Complaint

Moneylion Complaint

What Moneylion did:
Moneylion closed my account on Mov 28th 2023 and will not let me log in. They continue to charge me membership fees and loan payments but I can’t access my investment account, credit builder loan or instacash advances. Moneylion refuses to explain when I call or email them and refuses to give me any access to my account, but they continue to charge me money. I want my accounts reinstated and I want a refund for all the membership fees I have paid over 5 years. I have tried to resolve this with Moneylion but they refuse to explain why my account was closed and keep alleging “suspicious activity” when I have not done anything unusual.

Desired Settlement: Reinstatement of my Moneylion accounts including investment, instacash and credit builder loan. Reinstatement of ability to log in on app.; Refund of fees and membership fees totaling $3000 over the lifetime of my account.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Georgia | Read more Moneylion complaints

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