American Home Shield Complaint

American Home Shield Complaint

What American Home Shield did:
On October 26th. I hired multiple technicians from American Home shield to come do some repair work. October 26th I ordered an AC repair and what I thought was a water heater repair. The water heater repair turned out to be a second AC repair, I explained to him it was a mistake and I needed a plumber. I then had to order another AC repair to finish what the first guy did not. During these three technicians American Home Shield placed a negative balance on my account and said I “Refused to let the technician work”. I immediately called the company and told them I had 3 AC guys show up and one was a mistake, I desperately need a plumber.

During this time my water heater was neglected and got worse over the month of November. I tried to litigate with American Home shield several times over the month of November. They would not allow me to request service while my account was negative. I did not pay the balance because when I called the first time about the negative balance, American Home Shield told me that they can see that 3 AC technicians, three days in a row is clearly concerning. So they told me they would remove the balance. (Keep in kind this happened at the very end of October. So I paid $100 per Technician and then American Home Shield still charge me the monthly membership fee even though my account was in a state where I could not utilize it all month of November. So thats $280 for the month of October plus a negative balance of $100.) The week passes and the negative balance did not go away, I called again and explained to them that I was promised it would go away. In the meantime I need a plumber. They told me they would submit something to accounting to have it removed. At this point we are in November, I was charged the monthly fee for an inactive account again $80, and still denied service. Later in the month of November around the 24th I called and told them that I need a plumber and that the negative account is still showing, they told me yes it is there because I need to pay it.

They also had the audacity to call me and tell me that I had to pay the negative balance or they will cancel my policy and send the debt to collections! I told the man to please double check that there was a note sent to accounting and this is all a mistake. The man hung up and that was the first and last threat made to me.

Now we are in December, im charge another month where I cannot use my policy! Finally I decide im going to pay the negative balance because I NEED A PLUMBER. So I pay the negative balance of $100, then a service call fee of $100 for a plumber. The plumber comes out and tell’s that to fix it today it’s $294 today. Since the initial call of needing a plumber I paid $854. American Home Shield collected $560 & the plumber $294. On Friday December 1st before the plumber came out I told American Home Shield I would love to cancel my policy. They said absolutely, we will have someone call you next Monday to cancel your policy. Here we are on Thursday, no one has reached out and my policy is still active.

I literally placed the service call on Friday, they said the soonest they could come is Monday. Well guess what. Sunday night the water heater finally gave up. The intake valve bursted and my hallway flooded. The plumber came out the next day and fixed the pipe. It was too late however. I received $14,000 in water damage. I called American Home Shield and told them I will take the burden of water damage if you replace the water heater! They said no, we are not going to pay for your water damage (secondary damage) or replace your water heater. So that offer is off the table.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Texas | Read more American Home Shield complaints

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