Charter Spectrum Complaint

Charter Spectrum Complaint

What Charter Spectrum did:
Spectrum did not credit me the 4 months of home phone that never worked for me even when they sent me a new box. They helped me troubleshoot and the service never worked for me. I called and complained and they would not cancel my service over the phone nor via the app. They told me to go to the store. They refused to refund my money even though they could see the notes where I had called about not being able to use my home phone service.

There were always outages in my area, which affected my job because I work from home. I had to miss time from work because of the constant outages.

I had the basic Spectrum TV channel lineup where I could choose 15 channels…12 of the channels I chose were removed and they did not want to credit me or even cancel my service. I never watched Spectrum TV. I used on Demand to watch Girls Trip and Creed III, but again never watched Spectrum TV because the did not have the channels signed up for.

I cancelled my services and was told my bill will not be prorated. There were 13 days left in my billing cycle and they told me that I was still going to be charged for the days I did not have service.

All of these issues are happening in 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sadly, I had similar issues with Spectrum back in 2013 in Dallas, Texas. The only reason I chose them this time, is they were the only ISP available at the time I was moving in.

Lastly, when I did sign up for service no one told me I needed a Roku TV. So I had to spend an additional 60 bucks on buying the device, when I could have bought a Roku TV that cost a little more than the smart TV I purchased, but less than the Roku device and smart TV put together.

Submitted by: Anonymous in North Carolina | Read more Charter Spectrum complaints

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