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DoorDash Complaint

What DoorDash did: 5/14/23 my 87.98 order from sorrentos was stolen from a dasher(Annie)i tried calling her twice straight to voice-mail. I didn’t see a picture that it had been dilvered so i check my door then outside still nothing. I was denied a refund for something i never received which is ******** idc about […]

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Uber Complaint

What Uber did: I approached UBER last September about driving. I expressed interest in driving in both Nevada and California as I live close to the border. I was told California would be best and only one was possble. After being denied driving opportunoity in CA in just a few days, I was then told […]

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Straight Talk Wireless Complaint

What Straight Talk Wireless did: Bought straight talk $45 card at Walmart but both Walmart and straight are denying me my refund I asked how the **** do you guys sell straight talk cards at Walmart and your straight talk company but can’t do a refund then a guy says I can’t help you with […]

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Charles Schwab Complaint

What Charles Schwab did: Im in mn.but my information is in AZ I logged in but something was wrong and they told me i had to go 125 mil each way to talk to a employee. The systenm recognized me and my phone #, but it still wouldnt let me sign in or tell me […]

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Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did: We got vivint cameras installed and we tried to cancel on the 3rd day. They said we had 3 days to test it and cancel if need to be. We had text messages showing and they still would not cancel the account. Essentially were stuck with their ***and ****** equipment for 5 […]

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betterhelp Complaint

What betterhelp did: https://www.facebook.com/scottdieken paper trail pinned to top i have every email to back this up plus their original ad never goes away You TRIED TO SCREW ME WHILE I WAS EXPERIENCING A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS AND AS A RESULT, I GOT DISOWNED FROM MY DAD WITH ESTIMATED ESTATE OF xx MILON DOLLARS. notice […]

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