Bank of America

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did: ******** USD Dollars partial payment credited to my cellphone account under ******@*****.*** ***-***-**** A vhv wifi connectionFwd:B7qlKBbzGwEJlGeW-yq+WTzPJfwXWv4i/A28CK19tUyb0v5YQGWt/K8aUC1ZJ12fCeE3Of/Qng0Ri1JC7bcpHK6O69PFyjztaR0ScKLDt4V1vSR4bwiC6jXZWICu0X/BYW6ps5raQGhSVBU9C Now the second time I’m doing this Verizon deliberately shut my services off! For there own personal use I’m missing documents from your company and the lawyer companies I had started to send my […]


T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did: Victim Information Name: Victoria ***** Age: 50 – 59 Address: {{ address hidden }} City: San Ramon Country: United States of America State: California Zip Code/Route: 94582 Phone Number: ***-***-**** Email Address: ******@*****.*** Transaction Type: Virtual Currency Rough Transaction Amount: $24999.99 Transaction Date: 08/04/2021 Was the money sent? Yes, was sent to […]