Lyft overcharged me or charged hidden fees

I took a ride about 1 mile from a modeling job to the doctor appointment I had after. I was in the car with another ride share passenger. I had minimal interactions with my driver. Two hours after the ride I get an email stating I have been charged $100 for damages. I write back and demand what damages and they said he claims I urinated in his car. This is extremely absurd as I am an adult person running errands, I can also have my doctor as a witness that I had not peed on myself prior to coming into my appointment. The Lyft customer service is saying they will do nothing and that they believe him. And they are stating he turned int he claim immediately after dropping me off which is also a


Coinbase misled by sales reps who charged me hidden fees

When making a purchase on Coinbase app, you are sent to a page to “verify” purchase. This page states whether or not you have a fee and how much the fee is. When it says fee “$0.00 free” it should be free. You can click to purchase. The price of the currency is also listed and locked in. Coinbase is charging fees and adjusting prices on a sliding scale to gouge customers without their knowledge. They mislead ever purchase. The price I verified for every transaction I make is the only price they are approved, by me, to charge me for the transaction. I do not and would not, nor would any right minded person allow a company to increase the price of an item after the fact. It is illogical, lac


Paypal Complaint

Placed an order for a product using Paypal as payment method. Product was never received so I opened a case with Paypal (dispute case PP-D-*******). When opening the case I explained that the proof of delivery was not valid as it showed delivery 2 days before the item was ordered. Paypal denied my claim because seller submitted a proof of delivery.