Santander Consumer USA product wasn’t what i was promised

I have insurance with progressive and they sent me a check to get my car repair and they put the check in my name and sandtander name and sandtandr told me to send them the check so they can indorse the check and they was going to send it back to me once they indorse the check but they told me a lie now they saying that they have add the check to my accout now it’s been a month since I have not had my car and my car is still in the repair shop and the repair shop is waiting on they money so that I can get my car I been going through this for a month with sandtander I need help.


Sprint Complaint

Sales Representative convinced my under age son 15yr old to purchase a screen protector in addition to me purchasing his new phone on 9/20/2018. The screen protector was sold in Sprint store by the Representative. I came inside believing I was purchasing a phone and the screen protector would be added to my bill as other items purchased before in Sprint; however turns out the 40-50 dollar screensaver was financed through some third party company called progressive leasing. This company had been charging me since 9/20/18 WEEKLY! I have paid in total over 600.00 for this screensaver! The company Progressive offered a one time pay off around 400 when I tried to dispute it. I went to the Sprint


Cricket Wireless Complaint

I bought a cricket phone on November 25 2018 and i paid phone in full through progressive leasing. On march 14 i was schedule by cricket wireless to take my iphone xs max to apple care because it was having multiple issues. That cricket customer support could not help with. Long story short my iphone xs max had to be replaced due to device hardware issues. This is where the issue lies. Cricket does not want to unlock my phone because they said when i had defective device replaced it started the clock over again on time on term.