LA Fitness

Uber Complaint

On October 10,2019 i lost my car keys at LA Fitness ,RT 441 Boca Raton, credit card information with uber ware not valid , Alex D——- a manager at LA fitness volunteered to pay for my Uber ride to my house to retrieve extra keys and valid credit card, while driving to my home i explained to my uber driver Luiz [******} what had happened and he asked me if i was ALEX ,Ialso told him i would need a ride back to LA fitness to retrieve my car ,which he agreed to do,he specifically asked me again if i was alex and i told him no ,Alex paid for my trip,when i enterted my house to retrieve my extra keys and credit card ,Luiz drove away,the next day when i went back to LA fitness ,Alex told m


Someone Else Complaint

I signed a gym membership contract to EveryBody Fitness (Kettering, OH) on 4/3/2018. Although I asked for a 1-year contract, they said they could not do less than a 3-year contract but “made an exception” for me and promised that I was signing for a 2-year contract on an electronic screen. After a year, I determined that I was unhappy with the facilities (constant overcrowding, faulty equipment, and unsanitary conditions) and called to cancel my membership as I was going to seek another gym. They told me that I could only buy out the rest of the contract ($500+) even though I was not provided the promised services in the contract (working equipment and facilities). I told them to take my cre


PayPal Complaint

I had a PayPal account it was being charged to Planet Fitness and I asked them to unlink my bank and they said they would and they didn’t. My phone got stolen got hacked into and purchases for me I caught them and cancel them before they went through but that’s not before we went to my bank and I’m incurred over $75 in charges. They saying because it was canceled the day don’t owe me my money back. And I told them you do cuz if you would unlink my account like I asked you to I wouldn’t got those charges. Now I didn’t say only customer service can do that went to customer service now they say I owe but we don’t know how we’ll have no way of giving you your money back or giving you no credit.