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Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

What Metro by T-Mobile did: It’s inconveniencing me drastically and making my livelihood even more difficult than it already is. If I’m unfamiliar with places and using the GPS it freezes. Phone calls drop and service becomes unavailable for 10 to 30 minutes at a time or longer. Text and MMS messages don’t get delivered. […]


Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did: I went to the ATM to withdraw $200 with my cash app card and it said declined so I asked the cashier why it wouldn’t withdraw because I have the money in my account and he said to go try a different ATM that they have been having issues with their […]


Citibank Complaint

What Citibank did: On January 18, 2023, I requested by certified mail return receipt for Citibank for Alleged Debt Validation according to 15 USC 1692g. This letter had specific questions to answer that I enclosed for them to fill out and signed by an authorized signature of alleged creditor. I received the return receipt back […]


DoorDash Complaint

What DoorDash did: i order occasionally because of me not being stable and the dashers always steal my food never bring me the correct order. My food always missing or it’s never delivered and my money just gets token i ask for refunds never get my refunds & im never allowed to speak to supervisors. […]


T-Mobile Complaint

What T-Mobile did: I have had metro and Tmobile a employee gave Micheal earl ***** access to my phone and my messages as well as to my phone so he could stalk me and he has been stealing from others phones and information and even murdered a man with several others by accusing their phone […]