Vivint Lied About the Price

Have had several issues with vivint mostly during the initial install. They did a bait and switch based on initial projections from a solar array design that was completely different than the one installed and increased the price they would charge based on lack of sun exposure. We were also told that they would maintain the array at no cost and if we wanted to repair or replace our roof they would take the panels off for a fee of $500. Now when we were looking into updating our roof the fee is $1800. They used deliberate dishonest practices to mislead us into believing we would be saving money and our electricity bill is the same as it was before. Now we just have 2 power companies. Also…


Vivint Collections Issues

They told us a story there was a break-in down the street from us. When we spoke to other neighbors the same story was told to them. Never touched the contract except to sign, and were rushed thru signing. After we signed the contract the service man added notes to the contract which is visible. Our account with them was re-opened in 2016 approx 3 years after the account was originally opened and is a negative stain on our credit. It is showing that it is a recent open account and we owe thousands of dollars.


Vivint Won’t Let Me Cancel

when I was sold the product I was told I can cancel at anytime. tried to cancel by jan 2020 verbally 3 months later said I have to do it in writing so I did. called 10 days later to square up with them told it went to collections for rest of contract 2700 dollars. collection agency said I can square up with them and continue contract on house I no longer live in.