JetBlue Complaint

On October 3, 2019, I purchased tickets for a party of four to fly from JFK to Mexico city on the morning of January 9, 2020. On January 8, 2020, trying to check in for the flight the following day, I was informed that the flight had been cancelled as JetBlue had decided not to fly to Mexico City after January 8. I was told that had been sent a notice several weeks earlier by email. However, none of the four of us had ever received an email from JetBlue. The only option they could provide was an afternoon flight on Interjet, which would have arrived long after the event we were scheduled to attend.


NetSpend Complaint

They close my account without my knowledge then me keep calling about it cause I had over 200 dollars in my account a netspend operator close that card again I was getting a run around on this with no money on myself the keep asking for me get another card cause I am over the road truck driver and then they ask me if had a friend or someone I know with a netspend card I said yes I do so that person give me the card number and all and now she can’t get in her account because they froze hers with now reason we’re both up set and my account I had I was a month old I been waiting for someone from netspend to call me or her but hasn’t done nothing so far today is 10 days now I don’t know what to


Bank of America Complaint

A fraudlent person ( Sindh Balay) sent me a draft for apartment rent. I deposited his draft for 4950 $ using BoA moble app. For the first 24 hr my account showed draft was pending and then it showed money was credited to my account. Fraudlent person also called me to verify my bank account that 4950$ was credited to my account and tranfer the excess amount $3700 to other zelle account using email id ( Based on the account information I tranfered 3700$ to zelle account sent by the scammer. As soon as i transfer 3700$ ther draft was withdrawn and i lost 3700$. I made complaint to Bank of America, but they did not take responsibility though i relied on their impro