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Allegiant Bad Customer Support

On July 31, 2020 and again on August 14, 2020 we flew Allegiant with my service dog. Documentation for my dog was not requested or necessitated when checking in on those two days. August 21, 2020, we were denied boarding…

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Allegiant Hurt My Credit

Good evening! I apologize to write you. This is not in my nature nor my intent, but my wife and I just had the worst customer service experience ever at the Destin airport. The ladies were berating my wife and…

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Allegiant Complaint

On Sunday, Dec 15, 2019, Flight 2213 Conf #: ****** was scheduled for departure 9:28 PM from gate 5 at the Chattanooga airport flying to Orlando. We started boarding later than the scheduled time, and after sitting on the plane…

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