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AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

I dredd calling for help they come out with No Mask, Glioves No preventions. I’m Black and wanted ch206 back to watch MJ Last Dance never should have been taken off I ask that Every other channel stay But they…

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Charter Spectrum Claim for Compensation

How is charging customers, 3-weeks in advance, legal⁉️ It is in the User Agreement, but it smacks of price gouging. SC remotely disconnects your service if you do not comply, never offering payment & termination delays due to Covid-19. To…

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Comcast Claim for Compensation

Been trying to cancel for almost 3 months. Only option is to talk to a Cancellation Specialist, and they will not answer phones. sometimes waited more than an hour. No response to emails. Customer service is helpless with cancellations. Now…

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