Tag : Collections issues

Avis Lied About the Price

What Avis did: They made an unauthorized charged for $5,200 in my bank account ten months after I returned the vehicle. They made false claims about surcharges, fees and time of rental. They also charged me for two extra months.…

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Cash App Collections Issues

What Cash App did: Cashapp stole 500 dollars from me. On 07/26/21 cash app Upposefly too 500 dollars from my account because my friend allegedly filed a dispute with a payment they sent me I follow the transaction for a…

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Credit One Bank Collections Issues

What Credit One Bank did: company assumed the vital role to assemble and compile reports as a consumer reporting agency and has furnished consumer reports without exclusions of 15 USC 1681a transaction and experiences as the company were provided written…

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Charter Lied About the Price

What Charter did: Charter charged me for apple boxes as an add on but what the didn’t explain is that the charter app doesn’t properly work on the apple boxes and you have to pay for majority of the content…

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