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WiBargain Collections Issues

What WiBargain did: I placed 2 orders with Wibargain in November totalling $250 plus tax. A few weeks passed and I never received an email stating the boxes shipped. I decided to cancel the orders because I didnt think I…

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Surveyj.co Collections Issues

What Surveyj.co did: I spent weeks doing surveys downloading apps playing games referring people to even having the people I referred do the tasks as well for me to not get paid at all What would you like the company…

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Mastercard Collections Issues

What Mastercard did: Tried calling company about a walmart reward taking monies for a back child support card and possibly later monies on my emerald card used first, impersonating a legitimate company phish smish vish fraudsters saying didn't take but…

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Capital One Hurt My Credit

What Capital One did: I had a bank account with Capital One for a couple of years, up until this incident happened....We were in the process of looking for a new home to rent when we thought we found one…

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