Tag : Collections issues

DoorDash Collections Issues

What DoorDash did: Doordash garnishes my wages for child support but only a fraction of what they have taken out has made its way to child support. I estimate that about $500 has made its way to child support and…

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Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Spectrum did: Despite returning my equipment to Spectrum per their instructions via UPS, they are pretending not to have received it and sent me to collections. Unfortunately I did not keep the receipt and have slim chance of finding…

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AAA Collections Issues

What AAA did: 800 AAA customer service processed my service request with a 3rd party independent contractor for the area I was currently in. Was informed I would receive updates on the progress of the AAA driver. I called at…

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Samsung Bad Customer Support

What Samsung did: I purchased a phone and phone case directly from Samsung but I changed my mind and returned the phone. They sent me two return lables that were identical to return the phone and the case. I used…

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Amazon Collections Issues

What Amazon did: they are not creating return pickup order 408-1135847-3657147 but I want to return the product please create return pickup I didn't filed investigation I think our family members raised the issue I am sorry from my side…

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