Tag : Collections issues

First Premier Bank Collections Issues

What First Premier Bank did: First Premier Bank closed my credit card account without taking proper action, they're misrepresenting the facts in regards to their binding arbitration agreement and violated my consumer privacy rights by disclosing my financial; non public…

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Planet Fitness Bad Customer Support

What Planet Fitness did: A fraudulent account was opened in someone else’s name Using my bank account information. I have taken the necessary steps to remove the account but have since been ignored by the company in response to getting…

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LG&E KU Bad Customer Support

What LG&E KU did: They have over charges me for months. Claimed it was due to a “defaulted meter” and now claiming they replaced the old one but they didn’t. My neighbor got a new one but I still have…

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DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did: On April 2nd at 11:01pm I made an order at Slim Chickens here in Farmington NM. Order total $47.56. Estimated delivery time given on receipt was 11:34pm. I did not receive a completed order notification on my…

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Credit One Bad Customer Support

What Credit One did: UNABLE TO NEGOTIATE BOGUS CHARGES ON MY ACCOUNT What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? Answer card charges validity and repair my credit. I have been willing to make payments, they…

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