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Uber Collections Issues

What Uber did: As a uber eats driver im told i will earn surge minimums and that they charge the customers these surges and pay it forward to the drivers.. but there deceiving the customer and the driver by not…

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Cash App Lied About the Price

What Cash App did: I have had multiple charges that have been disputed only to be told that their investigation revealed no wrong doing. This has been an ongoing problem with purchases from multiple online sites and stores. I'm unable…

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DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did: I made a transfer from the dasher direct app to my moms bank account because I sent her money to borrow and she received a notification of the deposit and that it was pending. Then she gets…

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Amazon Bad Customer Support

What Amazon did: Hi Jeff/Andy I am no longer trying to force a contact with either of you I have literally tried hundreds of ways to contact someone (I wont explain, see the 70 emails I have sent both of…

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