February 24, 2020

    Cox customer service lied to me

    Some one had hacked into my cox homelife account and broke into my home I request and security breach with cox and they filed a investigation with Atlanta I set up a note that no one that isn’t Calli g from the number I have on the account can make any changes to the account I called in about 2weeks later the customer service representative lied put It in the notes never filed it to Atlanta I spoke to a superior at cox I recorded him lieing say Atlanta is only technical support he wouldnt let me file an investigation when I told him to homelife they said no Atlanta investigates ever

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    February 9, 2020

    Cox customer service lied to me about the price then charged me after I tried to cancel and it didn’t work as advertised

    I have services from Cox now for over 8years, I ended up being displaced from my apartment for 4 days due to black mold issues for maintenance to fix that issue. I contacted Cox to inform them to temporarily move my services to the temporary apartment so I could continue working from home. After the 4 days I was informed that I could move back into my apartment so before I even moved back I contacted Cox again so they could transfer the services back to my original apartment and they informed me that it was set up and ready for us but it could take 2-24 hours. This was near the end of last october 2019. Now I have been contacting Cox almost every week from october 30 until January 14, 202

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    February 4, 2020

    Cox customer service lied to me about prices, then charged me after I tried to cancel

    So the sales agent told me they were running a special bundle tv and wifi for $60 a month plus tax with a two year contract. I told her that was fine and when I received my first bill it was $250, second bill was $155, third bill $155. I called many times to get the issue straightened out, one customer service agent even told me he saw on my account where it was supposed to be $60. After they told me someone made a mistake they told me it was impossible to get a bundle at this price. I told them all I need is wifi and would have never agreed to pay 155 to watch tv so they said they could get me wifi for $60. I agreed to that. So my next bill was $93, and I just got another bill in my email f

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    January 31, 2020

    Cox Claim for Compensation

    First of all, Cox Communications claims that their billing cycle is 30 days. Well, if that were the case, then why would my bill start on the 21st and then end on the 5th of every month? My cellphone bill is from the 22nd of every month until the 22nd of the following month. If I don’t pay, then they shut my service off. But you still have time to pay it without having to lose your number, or be charged late fees. Now Cox doesn’t even want to work with me as far as the late fees are concerned. If I would have known that, then I would have switched to Verizon Fios. They need to stop sending me harassing letters every month. The letter tells me to pay them, or they will shut my service off. Me

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    January 24, 2020

    Cox customer service lied to me and service didn’t work as advertised and they put incorrect info on my credit report

    Everything about the service including the inconvenience of coming out to fix Internet then they mess up the cable then they fix the cable box and then the other cable box doesn’t work and they write me at the keeping service when I wanted it canceled and ended up with a large bill

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    January 17, 2020

    Cox Charged me after cancellation and put incorrect info on my credit report

    After transferring cox service from Las Vegas Nevada to Fountain Hills AZ. We were charged $122 for not returning our phone modem. In the transfer process we were not informed that the equipment needed to be returned or told that our final bill would not be deducted automatically from our account has been the case with all previous bills. We don’t recall any attempt on their part to contact us regarding the debt. We paid the bill but want the black eye completely removed from our credit report. Cox refuses.

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    December 27, 2019

    Cox customer service lied to me about prices and service didn’t work as advertised. They charged me after cancellation, and put incorrect info on my credit report

    When I first started services with Cox they told me that they bill twice the amount the first month because due to this fact it is caused me nothing but pain an issue I can never seem to catch up and they lie about the promotions that they put you on and they seemed it in just magically within 30 days when they’re supposed to be 12 months and they keep gouging money every month they keep asking for different amount it’s never the same price and I cannot afford their services I am canceling their services as of today November 28

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    December 24, 2019

    Cox put incorrect info on my credit report

    Opened an account with Cox & random identity thefts purchases stemming from Home Depot & opening another internet account with Cox & using my girlfriends social security number

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    November 14, 2019

    Cox Customer service lied to me about price

    For the last three months COX has been charging me $55/month for internet – the only srvc I receive. COX sent me mail that states TV, internet and a landline phone are $55. When my bill was emailed to me, the charge was for $55 and the services listed under my acct were TV, internet, phone.

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